Resurrection – SUNDAY

Matthew 28:1-13; Mark 16:1-20; Luke 24:1-49; John 20:1-31

Early in the morning, women went to the tomb and found that the stone closing the tomb’s entrance had been rolled back. And angel told them Jesus was alive. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in the garden, to Peter, to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and later that day to all the disciples but Thomas. His resurrection was established as a fact.

Consider this as a family: Celebrate the risen Lord together!

In the tomb – FRIDAY afternoon, SATURDAY, SUNDAY morning

Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb before 6:00pm Friday night, when the Sabbath began and all work stopped, and it lay in the tomb throughout the Sabbath.

Consider this as a family: How do you think the disciples felt? Think about the confusion, sadness, and heartache they must have faced.

Crucifixion – FRIDAY

Matthew 27:1-66; Mark 15:1-47; Luke 22:66-23:56; John 18:28-19:37

Following betrayal, arrest, desertion, false trials, denial, condemnation, beatings, and mockery, Jesus was required to carry his cross to “The Place of the Skull,” where he was crucified with two other prisoners.

Consider this as a family: Jesus experienced the absolute worst the world had to offer, because he loved you. That’s an amazing love.

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