Nashville Day 4 (Tuesday)

We had our second full day of ministry projects today. Our students & adults are doing a great job of serving with a positive attitude in all situations. Tonight we had a special dinner for our recently graduated seniors. This senior class have been outstanding leaders and have set the example for the younger students to follow. They will be greatly missed in the Student Ministry next year!

Each night this week we have a worship service for our team at Life Community Church. Our service is led by Brett Rutledge (music) & Jay Watson (teaching). Jay is preaching through Exodus and unpacking how the journey the Israelites experienced has a lot of parallels to our own lives. There are a lot of conversations stirring amongst our group over the messages each night. Understanding God’s calling on our lives, and our willingness to follow & obey is a huge deal for all of us. This trip is a prime example of students stepping out of their comfort zones and being obedient to God’s leading in their lives. It’s been really refreshing to have people pouring into our lives after a full day of serving others.

One final note: yesterday we had 5 kids show up to VBS. Our students & adults rejoiced over those 5 and had a great day of leading them in VBS. Today we had 17 kids show up! We’re excited to see these children learn about Jesus all week. Please be praying that the message of the Gospel penetrates their hearts!

Here’s our highlight video from today:

You can send messages of encouragement to members of our team at:

Here are some specific ways you can be praying for our team this week:

Pray for the people of Nashville that we will be working with.
Pray for Jay Watson (pastor of Life Community Church).
Pray for Dr. Kimbrough (pastor of First Street Missionary Baptist Church)
Pray for our time serving at the Nashville Rescue Mission.
Pray for our time serving at the Second Harvest Food Bank.
Pray for our time serving at the Christian Women’s Job Corp.
Pray for the Student & Music Ministry staff as they lead the trip.
Pray for the Student Choir & that our concerts would connect with people.
Pray for the safety for our group.
Pray that the Lord will fill our group with grace and humility while they serve.
Pray for unity within our group.
Pray that many kids will come to VBS and learn about Jesus.
Pray that we would be helpful as we paint & do other mission projects.
Pray that God would teach each team member so their faith in Him might grow.
Pray for boldness in conversations we will have to share the Gospel.

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