Check out Mary Landon’s passion for the thing that fills us all. His living water! John 4:14



20. There are 20 places in my house alone that I can access clean water (not including my pool full of it). There was not a single place in Batey San Rafael, Dominican Republic that had clean water.165 people drank, bathed, and cooked with the same dirty unpure water. The children were sick; they drank the water their mother bathed in. The mothers cooked with the water their neighbors went to the bathroom in. It was a never-ending cycle of dirty water. In 3 days 29 brothers and sisters in Christ were able to change 165 people’s lives for forever. The water crisis is not only the world’s thirst for clean water, but also the world’s thirst for the living water-Jesus Christ. In the past 7 days in the Dominican Republic, our team not only got to share purification for their water, but we also got to share purification for their…

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