fireside chats


In lieu of Taylor McQueen coming this Sunday (the 16th) to visit us before she begins in her new position, I thought I could throw some random questions her way and see what happens. Therefore, I dub this, the fireside chat.

Describe the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ve ever had.

Best grilled cheese I’ve ever had: it was warm, it was crispy, it was slightly burnt, it had bacon.

What is something you are looking forward to about working with the youth here at First Baptist?

I can’t wait to make relationships with these students, have fun, make tons of memories, but also see them grow in Christ and mature in their faith.

What is your favorite aspect of the church?

My favorite aspect of the church would have to be the community it brings. I have been so richly blessed by true community–where people fully know you and fully love you.

I love seeing the church body act as a community to other believers. I think it’s important to minister to people in showing hospitality to them, encouraging them in good times and hard times, offering wisdom to each other and lifting up one another in prayer

What is your favorite attribute of God?

I love that God calls Himself our “Father”. I view Him as someone who gives us wisdom, comfort, love, patience, and is worthy of our respect. I love that He has adopted us and chosen us, even when we didn’t want to choose Him!

Just like Romans 5:8 says, “but God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

What three things would you want to have on a stranded island?

The Bible (duh)

Bear Grylls (because he knows everything there is to know about the outdoors)


What was one of your biggest struggles in high school and how can you use that for youth experiencing the same things?

High school brought many challenges, but I think the biggest struggle I faced was seeking approval from others. I was so caught up in bondage trying to please others (my peers, my teachers, my parents, etc.) that I was choking myself from experiencing true joy and contentment.

After I learned that Christ delights in me and fully approves of me, I experienced so much freedom and joy! I want to help youth understand that they are totally delighted in by our Heavenly Father and that seeking other’s approval will always leave you feeling empty.

Finding approval in Christ is the only thing that will bring true contentment.

Would you rather have spoons for hands or always be hungry the rest of your life? Why?

Spoons. For. Hands. I can’t stand being hungry! I GET HANGRY WHEN I’M HUNGRY

Who’s your favorite singer?

TAYLOR SWIFT (haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate)

Be sure to be around next Sunday so you can come and say what’s up!


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