is one word enough


Do you ever just wonder if all of this religion stuff is real? Like why are we even here? Is there really some greater purpose or is all of this just a facade and we are going to die into nothingness?  Read More


belief begins


John 2 describes a very important time in scripture! Jesus’s first miracle. Although it was not as large scale as raising from the dead or feeding the five thousand we can learn a lot about Jesus from this miracle.

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Let me just say that y’all killed that hashtag. So many people were using it, I’m amazed it didn’t start trending nationally…goals for next year! Anyways, enjoy the recap video which we saw on Wednesday night. The song is The Lord is Good by Chuck  Hooten….

one and the same

Much like we did last semester, we will be approaching John from a different angle every Thursday after bible study. This is for those who want a different perspective on the chapter, for people that may have missed worship at the Well, or for those simply wanting to be filled with His word. (I’ll also be posting the #DNCW15 video later today!)


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