Have ever felt too busy for God? Now before you dismiss that and say it doesn’t apply to you, let me rephrase that question. Do you have have intentional time tucked into your day specifically for God, a time to rest and pray or study His Word?

“Time to rest? That’s a joke. I get up at 6:30 for school, that begins at 7:50 then after school I go to band practice, choir practice, chess club, jujitsu training, Mt. Everest, watch the Ellen show, then learn a new language before I finally get home at 9:30. Then I have to do my ever growing pile of homework and fall onto my bed for a 6 hour coma just to repeat it again tomorrow.”


Busy huh?

So let’s do something about it.

We polled you a few weeks ago and more than half of you said they feel not having enough time for God is what keeps them from being closer to Him. So this week is going to be all about making/finding/creating time for God.

All week we will posting to FB, Twitter, Instagram with the #4mins4Him tag. Everything we post will take 4 minutes or less, but will have applications that can long term affect your relationship with Christ.


Don’t let such a small thing like time be the thing that keeps you from God’s glory.

We love you and look forward to this intentional time this week!

Lord, we come before you stressed and busy.

Give us firstly the time to seek you and once we realize we have that time, Lord give us the desire to act on it in a way that is good and pleasing to You. We are all busy God with all the things that fill our day, but Lord give us a patience and assurance that we need this time with You. We are nothing without you, yet with you we can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine. Show us that power, show us that love. Give us time for you this week Father. Amen.



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