fireside chats ft. Joseph Hyatt

Okay okay, yeah it’s that time again. You can finally rest easy because fireside chats ft. Joseph Hyatt are coming at ya! Now normally they answer five questions, but Joseph isn’t what we call in the business a “rule follower” so he went ahead and answered nine. #rebel
smoothAnyways, here’s what we could come up with! Enjoy 🙂 (and if you have any interest in participating in this, let me know so I can hook you up)

gary1.Your mom just yelled upstairs that dinner is ready. You walk downstairs and she has made your favorite meal everever. What is that dinner?

Escargo w/ grits

*Editor’s note: No Gary’s were harmed in the making of this fireside chat.*

2. If you could master one thing (be the best in the world at it), what would it be and why?

Playing the Stock Market so I can make bank everyday.

funny-animals-creepy-lemur3. If the zoo called and told you that you could keep an exotic animal at your house, what would it be and what would it’s name be?

Lemur and Wolfgang Amadeius

*EN: preeetty sure that’s Zoboomafoo*

4. ​What was your favorite show as a kid? What character did you like the most? Why?

Tom and Jerry, jerry because he is smart and creative.


5. Do you have any really random or strange “pet peeves?”

Yea, corners make me mad sometimes so I have to touch them.

6. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? Who would play your love interest?

Will Ferrell, Emily Bett Rickards

7. What is your favorite Bible verse? Why?

1 Timothy 4:12 because it talks about people not looking down on me because I’m young. I don’t want people to look down on me because of my age, because we have to work together as the body of believers and people can’t look down on others or nothing will be accomplished.

8. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? From whom?

“Yea you can dye your hair, but in a few months you can’t complain about it”

spock-pink-hair*EN: she’s gonna love it!!*

9. What are three words you would use to describe Jesus?

Teacher, swag, and life partner
Alright, that’s all we got for this week! Remember that Saturday morning is the Polar Bowl (attempt number 3) and then Saturday night is Pajamas and Pancakes! So many awesome things to build community with. I encourage y’all to take part in these.
Also, if you missed it, here is our other fireside chats with Blake Whatley, Emily Waller and Gaston Gary.
Okay, my time is up I’ll see you guys tonight at the Well! Make today about seeking God.
Love you guys.

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