four prays to way

Here we are, the start of a new week. For most people, the start of a regular schedule, a systematic timeline of events that you have purposefully planned to happen.

For many, this begins the hustle and bustle and is the very thing that keeps them from finding time for God. Not only do I mean the easy open your Bible and read a chapter, but the personal intentional prayer time we should find ourselves in daily, or even without ceasing as the Bible mentions.


But it’s hard right? It’s really hard to find that time to seek God or to even think of Him when you have an anatomy test tomorrow and your best friend is about to break up with her boyfriend and (insert guy name) hasn’t asked you to Prom yet and you’re getting super nervous about it…

So that’s where I come in. I’m going to list 5 easy ways to find time to pray during your day!! Here we go.

1. Pray before your meal.


Now you’ve probably already written this list off because duh everyone prays before their meals.

But, I’m not talking about the “Dear Lord, thank You for this day, bless the food we’re about to eat. Amen” prayers.

This is the PERFECT TIME to seek God. Head is bowed, tell Him about what has happened so far, tell Him your worries and your fears.

Actually use this time to say more than the generic voicemail message you normally leave Him.

2. Pray while you brush your teeth.

Everyone brushes their teeth ( I hope) and do you know what I’ve noticed 100 percent of the time while they are brushing?

You can’t talk, you can’t check your phone and you normally can’t hear other people because of those supersonic bristles… Well, that noise is actually God saying “Hey, talk to me. I can hear you always.”

3. Pray in the shower.

You’ve just knocked it out of the park praying while you brush your teeth, but then you get in the shower and you can wash your soul as you wash your body!! Who wouldn’t want this spiritual cleansing amiright??

4. (and this one’s hard) Pray while your parents are driving you to/from school.

It’s hard because they might actually find out you are praying. I say this sarcastically because this could open up new conversations you have maybe not had with your parents in a long time.

What would happen if you began to pray with your parent(s) every morning as they took you to school… Spoiler alert: it would rock your world. But I’ll leave that conversation for another day.

Okay, that’s all I have for today. These are all little steps you can take, but feel free to take every moment to praise the Father for what He has done for us. Tell Him your fears, your doubts, your frustrations. Give everything to Him.

I love you guys, and God does too more than we could ever imagine.


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