four prays to way

Here we are, the start of a new week. For most people, the start of a regular schedule, a systematic timeline of events that you have purposefully planned to happen.

For many, this begins the hustle and bustle and is the very thing that keeps them from finding time for God. Not only do I mean the easy open your Bible and read a chapter, but the personal intentional prayer time we should find ourselves in daily, or even without ceasing as the Bible mentions.


But it’s hard right? It’s really hard to find that time to seek God or to even think of Him when you have an anatomy test tomorrow and your best friend is about to break up with her boyfriend and (insert guy name) hasn’t asked you to Prom yet and you’re getting super nervous about it…

So that’s where I come in. I’m going to list 5 easy ways to find time to pray during your day!! Here we go. Read More

fireside chats ft. Olivia Huggins

Once again we’ve reached the point of the week where we hear from you, the student, on randoms bits of life and why the circus is a fun place to work.

This week we have Olivia Huggins so graciously honor the blog with her presence and get to pick her brain for a second.


Also, make sure to be at #tacowell tonight followed by our Night of Worship!! You don’t wanna miss all that we’re doing tonight. Love you guys, here we go! Read More

being sick is the worst– heres the cure

I was sick recently and a thought kept popping up in my head. #relatablemoment

“God, if you could just make me better I will definitely pray/read/go to church more.”

Have you had this thought? Deep in the middle of the flu you pray that God will take this awful feeling and sore body away from you?


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