when coffee isn’t enough

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about what it means to surrender to Jesus daily. Like a coffee addict experiences withdrawal headaches when they miss a day without their regular cup, I feel it in my life when I miss a day without my regular dose of Jesus.


Worse than headaches caused by lack of caffeine, I notice my flesh wanting to take over when I neglect time in His presence. I see the lack of energy and frustration I struggle with when I try to go through my day using my own strength.


It’s crazy how just a little bit of time with Him energizes, renews, excites and encourages me. Surrendering daily has become such a theme in my life.

fuelIt would be easy for us to fill up our tank on Sunday and hope it lasts for the next seven days until we find ourselves at church the next Sunday. For me, my heart requires a day by day surrender and understanding that life run by me doesn’t even compare to life run by Jesus.

His love for me fuels my adoration for Him. My adoration fuels my desire to know Him more, seek His Word, get up just a little bit earlier, and make myself sit still in prayer and His presence.

I see that He is gently and persistently calling me to give Him my life, not ordering and commanding me to obey His law.

Check out this new song by Hillsong United. I’ve got it playing on repeat—the lyrics are so full with what my heart has been feeling:

“I found my life when I laid it down. Upward falling, spirit soaring, I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground.”

There is power in kneeling, literally kneeling, in the presence of Jesus. Falling on your face before Him, recognizing His holiness, His purity, and His deep, unconditional love for us focuses our mind and heart on something so addicting: being in His presence.

I have loved this series we have walked through on the book of John. As we come to the last few chapters, I smile with the hope that chapter 19 hits me with.

John 19 reminds me that His death brings me life. John 19 reveals to me Jesus’ character, on His absolute worst day. John 19 tells me that I can find my life when I give it away. I’m elated over the redemption and freedom this brings!


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