take two ft. Blake Whatley

So, I was going to call it Fireside Chats ft. Blake Whatley, but being the rock star that he is and having done it already, I decided take two would be a more appropriate title.


Fun fact: did you know Blake Whatley is actually a centaur? Don’t believe me, ask the dishes! (wow, how did I go from mythological creatures to Disney… I need sleep)

^^^ But forreal, there is picture proof of this, so make sure to ask Blake about it. Read More

too stressed to be blessed

Just thought I would share this thought today as we all head into the end of the school year together. We all can use some reminders that God is going to get us through everything in His timely manner. Love you guys, make Monday rock!


Guys (well, people)… I’m 22 now, and I am stressed.

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