December 3

Day 3

Matt Strozier

As someone confined to a wheelchair, I often wonder how my life would be different if I was still able to walk. God could have chosen to heal me of my disability so that I could continue walking, but He did not. Recently, I’ve realized that if it wasn’t for my disability, I might not have many of the friends that I have now.

I believe that being disabled is God’s plan to use me for His own glory. When people see me and the joy that I have despite my circumstances, they notice that something is different about me. As in the case of Zechariah and Elizabeth, although it seemed like they would never be able to have children, they continued to trust that God works everything out for good, even the most bleak and hopeless situation.

We, as Christians, need to avoid falling into the trap of believing that life will always be easy just because we are God’s children. Sometimes, God answers our prayers with no and sometimes He tells us to wait. However God chooses to answer our prayers, we need to remember that He always keeps His promises.

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