December 12

Day 12

Audrey Crowe (11th Grade)

The fact that God is continually working in me, changing me to be more like Him is something I very easily forget. Way too often I get caught up in the routine of life and religion and I miss out on the wonder and joy that is available to us as Christians. When we accept Jesus and He begins working in us, I think that excitement is inevitable, but it’s something we have to continually be asking God to renew in our hearts. God loves us so deeply that He sent His son to save us from the hopelessness of our sin! That’s something to get hyped about! When when we do, we desire to tell others around us of this good news as quickly as possible in the same way Mary told Elizabeth in Luke 1. We have a reason to be excited this Christmas season (and every season) because the God of the Universe has come, He is nearer than we even realize, and He longs for us to come to Him and experience His love that is better than life!

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