December 17

Day 17

Will Blackmon (10th Grade)

I know what you might have been thinking. What do verses from Colossians have to do with the Christmas Story? Wasn’t the birth of Jesus written in the Gospels? So what do these verses Paul wrote have to do with the birth of Jesus? Well, this whole devotion recreates the awe of the Christmas story. In these verses, Paul describes the greatness of Jesus. Paul lists several things:

  • All the amazing things Jesus is and forever will be
  • All the power Jesus has: His power over life and death, His power to forgive and condemn, His power to serve, His power to love, He even has the power over the wind and the waves!

He was God on this earth and He died to save us from death, so that we might live with Him in His glory! Paul writes down all these amazing things Jesus is to remind us of that truth: Jesus is God. When you look back on that night in the little town of Bethlehem, and realize that this is not just a birth of a baby, but the birth of God, who came to save us all, it shows us how truly amazing His birth was. When you think of how amazing God is, we realize how much love was lying in that manger 2,015 years ago.

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