December 24

Day 24 

Annah Beth Alverson (12th Grade)

Isn’t it crazy to think that on this night, thousands of years ago, our King who would die on the cross for our sins was born? The King who would eventually take all our guilt, all our mistakes and soon wear all our sins. For us. He wasn’t born in some fancy hospital like we are today. He was born in a stable—where donkeys and cows stayed. His crib was a manger—where animals ate. I can’t imagine how Joseph and Mary felt. They had just traveled so far and then went through child birth. Mary rode on a donkey for days just to make it to Bethlehem, while Joseph walked beside her the whole way. I can’t imagine what Mary was probably thinking the first time she held Jesus. Did she have any clue what He would later do? Did she have any clue all the ridicule and horrible treatment He would endure just to die for our sins? Did she have any clue the miracles that He would perform, or the lives He would eternally change? I don’t think she did. I don’t think she had any clue what Jesus would do in His lifetime. But she did know that what God has promised she had received. He promised her a child and there He was—He had entered the world just as you and I did. But, He was so much more. He was a King who would later die for our sins.

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