Monday, March 21

Costa Rica Day 6
We had a great last day in Costa Rica! This morning, we took a 2 hour scenic drive to the top of of mountain where our Canopy Tour was located. Zip-lining through the mountains of Cartago was absolutely incredible! There were 13 different lines, and all were amazing! Thankful for beautiful weather today and the chance to see beautiful views of the entire city.
This afternoon we took a tour of a coffee plantation and got to see how coffee beans are picked, cleaned, dried, roasted and packaged. We ended the tour with Costa Rican coffee and cold mochas with whipped-cream!

We had our last dinner together tonight at a beautiful restaurant…we had the whole restaurant to ourselves! The kitchen staff was so accommodating and gracious to our team. Before bed, we got to have one last “team meeting” and have an awesome time of reflection and share time of highlights and memories of the trip. The Lord has used this week to transform each of us and show us Himself.


Team Member Testimonies-

Hannah DeGrange: 12th Grade. A moment that really stood out to me was when we went to the Basilica. While we were looking around the sanctuary, we noticed a crowd of people crawling in on their knees from the back of the church all the way to the front of the sanctuary. Egidio explained that these people were coming in to ask for forgiveness for their sins. That Sunday just happened to be Palm Sunday, and we had had a worship service at our hotel that morning about how works don’t get us to heaven. It completely opened my eyes to how incredible God’s grace is. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, there’s no need for us to come crawling in on our knees every time we sin. This whole week has opened my eyes to multiple things, but this tangible moment showed me grace in a completely new way. 

Seth Sullivan: 11th Grade. Since this is the last full day in Costa Rica, the thing that God really put on my heart is seeing how happy people are that have nothing. From Egidio’s testimony to seeing the everyday living conditions of the average person in the village, were all happy, loving, and willing to share anything they had. Egidio told us a story that when he was building his house, the government told him that they could build it for him. Even though Egidio had no money to finish his already started house, he signed over the government’s house to a family in need who had also no money and no house. From my personal experience, everyone we met was willing to cook for us or give us things they had and even give us their time which is very valuable here. For me, it will greatly change the way I think and feel about my possessions, sharing, and most importantly, giving glory to God.

Tristan Black: 11th Grade. Wow. This week has been incredibly eye opening and is truly hard to put anything about the trip into words because words really don’t do it justice. What was really amazing to see this week was just how God worked through everyone on the trip to bring these people to the Gospel. I had the privilege of working in a group that literally brought light to the darkness for this brother and sister who lived in a windowless house. These people did not have anything nor did they speak English, but God was able to use us to open up a door for Egidio to work with them and present the Gospel to these people. Seeing the many ways God works throughout the week was an incredible experience and showed me how powerful and loving our God is. 

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