Orlando Day 6

Our final day of Kidz Camp could not have been better – it was WATER DAY! (Which went along great with our “Submerged” VBS theme) The kids as well as our students had a blast. We finished out the week with 22 children at camp…meaning the Lord brought 7 additional kids throughout the week. He is good! Not only did we get to have fun spending time with kids telling them about Jesus, but this helped Renovation Church connect with multiple families. Shane Kyles helped lead the “jungle” crew by rooting stumps and pulling vines from the trees behind Veritas. For lunch today we had Miller’s Ale House – a restaurant that has fed us daily. The owner, Matt, has been such a blessing to us. He and his wife are members at Renovation Church. After lunch, we said our goodbyes (or see you laters) to the Evan’s family and the Renovation Church volunteers. We cleaned up at the hotel and headed to Epcot. Of course when we got there it was raining, but the Lord was good – He ended the rain and provided a cooler breeze. Our students had a great time “traveling around the world”! It was the perfect place to wind down from the week while enjoying the company of our group.

Please keep our group in your prayers as all 119 of us navigate Magic Kingdom and make our way back to Opelika tomorrow! It has been such a fruitful and fun week, but we are looking forward to being back home. Join us on Sunday morning as the Mix Choir leads worship in all 3 services. You can get a glimpse of what our week has looked like in Orlando.


Orlando Day 5


     Day five has been one for the books!  The Spirit has definitely been moving here in Orlando.  This morning was our third day of Kidz Camp.  Our team lead the children through five awesome rotations and also continued to clear out the “jungle” (land behind Veritas).  After eating lunch at the Veritas House, we went to the Master’s Academy to the different service projects on their campus.  One team laid mulch in the front of the school, one team did yard work, and another cleaned classrooms and helped move furniture.  We then cleaned up at the hotel and headed to Winter Garden (a suburb across town that supports Renovation Church) and sang on First Baptist Winter Garden’s front steps.  It was a beautiful experience and one that our team and the people of Winter Garden will never forget.  Today was also the best weather we have had yet!  Thank you Lord for keeping us dry!

     Continue to pray for endurance as we finish out the week – the lack of sleep is beginning to sink in.  Even though this is the case, we’re super excited about what God is doing here.  That excitement was evident in tonight’s performance and group time.  Pray for our last day at the Veritas House as we wrap up Kidz Camp.  Let’s go out with a bang!

Orlando Day 4



Praise God for a day with SUNSHINE! Day 2 of Renovation Kidz Camp was successful. The students loved making Shrinky-Dinks at crafts, posing in front of the photobooth with crazy props and learning about the woman at the well at Bible Stories. We also did a Jericho Walk around the Veritas House praying for the property and the people who would be impacted by the ministry there. Our seniors and performance ensemble left mid-morning to minister to the local homeless shelter. After having some time to rest at the hotel, we sang at a local school for the YMCA After School Care. We wrapped up the day with dinner at Master’s Academy. While we were there, we had a powerful team time where several students shared with the group cool moments of the day.

Tomorrow is our last performance so please keep that in your prayers as well as the Kidz Camp.

Orlando Day 3

Today was the first day of Kidz Camp at the Veritas House and, although forecasted otherwise, we made it through without rain. On the way to camp, we spent time in devotion and prayer focusing on the security we have in Christ. We were blessed by 14 children at camp today who were all so sweet and energetic! Those of us who were not occupied by the children were able to clear out a huge area of woods behind the Veritas house. After Kidz Camp ended, we ate a well-deserved lunch and headed back to the hotel. We had planned to go to the Master’s Academy to do service projects, but again, God had something else in the itinerary. The bottom fell out of the sky as tropical storm Colin made his way through our county. We turned the bus around to spend an hour or so at the local mall while the rain passed. Heading back to Master’s Academy, we wrapped up the day with group time and dinner.

FYI – we have been keeping a very close watch on the radar and check for updates frequently. Thankfully it looks like the majority of the storm is passing north of us. We know God is in control of the weather and we’re trusting Him to use the weather and changes in our schedule for His glory.
Here are some ways you can be praying for us:

A repeat prayer request for Kidz Camp – that the children that attended today would invite their friends to come Tuesday.

Pray for the weather – that obviously has a huge factor on our plans with Kidz Camp.

Pray for our team as we minister at the local homeless shelter on Tuesday, as well as perform a mini concert there.

Pray that our students would remain focused on the mission as the week is quickly feeling longer.