Orlando Day 3

Today was the first day of Kidz Camp at the Veritas House and, although forecasted otherwise, we made it through without rain. On the way to camp, we spent time in devotion and prayer focusing on the security we have in Christ. We were blessed by 14 children at camp today who were all so sweet and energetic! Those of us who were not occupied by the children were able to clear out a huge area of woods behind the Veritas house. After Kidz Camp ended, we ate a well-deserved lunch and headed back to the hotel. We had planned to go to the Master’s Academy to do service projects, but again, God had something else in the itinerary. The bottom fell out of the sky as tropical storm Colin made his way through our county. We turned the bus around to spend an hour or so at the local mall while the rain passed. Heading back to Master’s Academy, we wrapped up the day with group time and dinner.

FYI – we have been keeping a very close watch on the radar and check for updates frequently. Thankfully it looks like the majority of the storm is passing north of us. We know God is in control of the weather and we’re trusting Him to use the weather and changes in our schedule for His glory.
Here are some ways you can be praying for us:

A repeat prayer request for Kidz Camp – that the children that attended today would invite their friends to come Tuesday.

Pray for the weather – that obviously has a huge factor on our plans with Kidz Camp.

Pray for our team as we minister at the local homeless shelter on Tuesday, as well as perform a mini concert there.

Pray that our students would remain focused on the mission as the week is quickly feeling longer.

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