Orlando Day 4



Praise God for a day with SUNSHINE! Day 2 of Renovation Kidz Camp was successful. The students loved making Shrinky-Dinks at crafts, posing in front of the photobooth with crazy props and learning about the woman at the well at Bible Stories. We also did a Jericho Walk around the Veritas House praying for the property and the people who would be impacted by the ministry there. Our seniors and performance ensemble left mid-morning to minister to the local homeless shelter. After having some time to rest at the hotel, we sang at a local school for the YMCA After School Care. We wrapped up the day with dinner at Master’s Academy. While we were there, we had a powerful team time where several students shared with the group cool moments of the day.

Tomorrow is our last performance so please keep that in your prayers as well as the Kidz Camp.

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