Orlando Day 2

First full day here in Orlando and what a day it has been! This morning our group left the hotel around 8:00 (two hours earlier for tech crew and band) to lead worship at Renovation Church. The church meets in the hotel across the street, but during that short ride over, we were reminded of the gospel in its simplicity through devotion and prayer. Worship at the church could not have been better. The people were such a blessing to us as we can only pray we were to them.

After church, we went to the Veritas House where we ate lunch. The heat was brutal, but by the grace of God we kept on. We then spent the afternoon preparing for the block party, although He had something else in store. Only about an hour into the block party, the rain came down. We packed everything up and headed to Master’s Academy (a local school that has a partnership with Renovation) where we ate dinner. Before eating, we sang Simple Gospel for those who had prepared our dinner all while sitting at lunchroom tables – and wow, was the Holy Spirit present. Because of the rain, we arrived at the hotel earlier than planned actually becoming a blessing of rest and SHOWERS.

The Lord has been so good. Please continue to pray for those who will attend Renovation Kidz Camp tomorrow, even those who are not even aware they will come yet. Pray that the Lord’s will be done and those who need the love of Jesus would be there in the morning.

Orlando – Day 1

Wow! It’s only travel day and we have already seen so much of the Lord’s faithfulness. We started off the morning loading up and checking in at the church, with a 10:00 am departure time — all while enjoying a nice, humid rain. We gathered up and prayed over the group for safe travels and an overall great experience. God is good and the rain stopped right when we began to make our way to Orlando! We made a lunch stop in Albany, GA (Chick-Fil-A was the crowd favorite, of course). We finally rolled into Orlando around 7:45 pm, had dinner and a time of worship at the Veritas House (the property we will be serving at every morning) and made our way to the hotel. We are excited for a full day with Renovation Church tomorrow as we lead worship in their morning service and reach out to the community through an epic block party!

Our students love to receive letters and notes of encouragement, so send a team member a note through fbcostudents.com/events. Please be praying for the week as we hit the ground running tomorrow!