Day 1 | Kalyn Yountz

John 1:1-3 refers to Jesus Christ as being “the Word”, saying that “the Word has been with God since the beginning and that the Word IS GOD. Sometimes it’s hard for us as humans to grasp the fact that the Lord has been around since before time, because we live a very, very short time on Earth compared life in eternity with Christ. So to say that the Lord has been around since before Creation is something our brains can’t fathom.

Verse 3 says that there would be nothing without God – through Him all things were created. This is a statement and verse that we should remind ourselves of daily. We so easily get caught up in the world and our selfish desires…we need to lean on this truth: without our perfect Savior, there would be nothing. We would be nothing. There would be no opportunity to live life in freedom, or to live this life for His glory, not our own. My prayer when reading this devotion is that this verse would humble us, stop us in our tracks and remind us of who we are, because of who He is.

We should be eternally grateful to the Lord for sending us the gift of His son to die the death we deserve which has in turn delivered us from our sins. He has given us a gateway to Heaven despite our failure to pursue holiness. He has given us a love and joy so indescribable; we are at a loss for words. He has given us a life of freedom and peace that we cannot earn on our own. Out of love for each and everyone of us this sacrifice was made at a cost, a price we can never repay, but at a circumstance where we can live everyday in hopes to bring praise to God’s name.

Prayer: I thank you, Lord, for the 25th of December – we get to celebrate the birth of Your Son, who so graciously gave His perfect life for sinners like me. My hope and prayer for the next 29 days is that we don’t get so caught up in all the fun holiday shenanigans, forgetting why we truly celebrate Christmas. I pray that whoever reads this will open their heart to whatever it is that You may be telling them through each devotion.

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