Day 6 | Hannah Grace Dozier

Growing up in church my whole life, I have heard this story a lot. Most of us know that the angel Gabriel came and told Mary she was pregnant with Jesus, and told her not to be afraid even though she was very afraid. Looking back at this story, the birth of Jesus, makes me realize how sovereign and righteous He is and how no one else will ever compare to Him and all He has done for us. He, our Lord God, reigns on the throne over us on Earth.

Knowing Jesus has made my life different because of the perspective and outlook I try to have in every situation, the way I treat others, and the way I strive to be like Him in trying to be thankful for all things. God taught me how there is a large difference between Jesus and me. He is Most High and I am very far away from Him. God spoke to me and told me that our actions and choices can either bring us closer to Him or farther away from Him. He wants us close. I like verse 33, which says “and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.” I like this verse because it assures me that no matter how far away I get from Him, I will always find my way back. The Lord is everywhere, even the places you least expect Him. He is in the people in your life, who make up His kingdom, which leads you right back to Him.

I will apply today’s devotion to my life by spreading the Word to others. I want everyone to know about the Good News and I want to keep spreading His Kingdom as far as I possibly can.

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