Day 10 | Autumn Meredith

One of the hardest parts about high school is caring what other people think, whether it’s your best friends or people you hardly know. As I started to read this devotional, I was so humbled. I started thinking of the way I act at school. On a regular school day, my goal usually is to get through the day as quickly and quietly as possible, hoping no one really notices me. Today’s devo reminded me that my responsibility as a believer is to be on the look out for others in need. With so many students at my school walking in darkness, I should be someone who reflects the light of Jesus to them.

I think as high school students, it’s so hard for us to be bold in our faith because we think people will laugh, not take us seriously or just think we aren’t “cool.” Something we have to remember is that we are here to bring glory to God! Scripture says that as Christians, we will face persecution. Jesus faced the ultimate persecution, but He knew the end result: an eternity with our Heavenly Father!

In this passage of Scripture, Joseph is faced with a huge dilemma. He is to marry the virgin Mary, who will give birth to Jesus, the Son of God! Joseph knows that this will bring much persecution upon him. The angel of the Lord told him not to be afraid, God is in control. He is, He was and He forever will be in control.

Just remember, stand firm in your faith and be bold! Don’t keep the key of salvation to yourself! Take heart in the fact that God is in control and will always be!

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