Day 12 | Abby Thomas

In this devotion, I was reminded that my joy comes solely from Christ alone and from nothing else. He is the source of all joy and happiness, and even when I am going through a hard time in my life, I trust in Him to give me peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

Luke 1:42 stuck out to me most. I love the part when it says “and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” This clearly states that Jesus is the one who gave her the joy that made her baby LEAP in her womb…wow! I think it is so awesome the way He works in our lives; we just have to take the time look around and notice it.

From this devotion, we need to grasp that all our excitement, happiness, joy, and laughter is from Him. When we have joy in The Lord, we are able use it in our daily lives to be a light to others and show them the love that we have found in Christ. And by that, when people watch us and are around us, they notice a difference in the way we live. Our purpose on this earth isn’t to make ourselves look good, it’s simply to bring all the glory and praise to Him. We shouldn’t strive for applause because we are already famous in His eyes – and that brings more comfort and joy to me than I could ever imagine.

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