Day 13 | John Boles Jr.

Wasn’t this such a great devotion. Sometimes we forget how unique our religion is. In all other religions their “gods” are neither personal, nor general but our God is both. It is so important to realize how amazing it is that our God is so general. Most of us have spent our entire childhood growing up hearing, “God loves you more than anything else” or, “You are so special to God” but little do we talk about how general He is. Now, I know that these are awesome, praise worthy statements but I still think we should honor how general He is. In today’s world “general” is almost a negative word, meaning average or normal but to God it’s not. If God was not so general then it would be rare to find a passage of Scripture that applied to your life, but because He is so universal, all of them apply to us in some way.

I love verses 47-49 because of this. In these verses, Mary is talking about how God has lifted her up and blessed her despite her humility. We can apply this to the way we live because of God being so general. For us, this means that we should strive to be incredibly humble. So humble that we are seen as a servant. This does not mean that we should not be leaders, but it means that we need to be a leader by serving others. I think God often puts it on our heart to be humble so that we can shine more for Him.

If God does great things through us and we go and boast about it, then we are no better than all other sinners. But, if He does great things through us, and we are quiet and humble about it, then God will stand out to the rest of the world and we may be glorified with him. God used Mary in her humble state so that He could be glorified through it. We should all pray for God to help us be humble and that He will use us to further His kingdom through it, and also thank him for allowing you to have a completely personal, yet totally universal relationship with Him.

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