Day 16 | Blake Whatley

So Zachariah just had his life’s prayer answered. He wanted a son and he got one, even in he and Elizabeth’s old age. He trusted God for all those years, and it finally paid off. What did he immediately start doing? Praising God! His prayers were answered and better yet, he knew who his son was. It was John the Baptist, the man that Baptized Jesus himself! (Not to mention he was the cousin of Jesus)

I think it is important how Zachariah praised God. First he remembers the old promises God made to Abraham. Then how God promised to send a Savior for him. Finally, he praises God for the current blessing, his son. Zachariah also knows that a savior is coming from Joseph and Mary, and he is excited about that.

Praise God for all that He blesses you with. Remember blessings from the past, and pray about the future. Stay classy FBCO!

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