Day 17 | Liz Hyatt

I’m the kind of person when something isn’t going my way, I get antsy and I can’t seem to calm down. The only thing that helps me calm down is knowing that God is in control of all things and He doesn’t let bad things happen just for the fun of it. He always has a reason for the things that happen to us. Today’s devo taught me that even if something is a huge inconvenience for me, God’s love is in every bit of it. He sees what’s in the future and He knows it is way better than what I would’ve asked for. When you look at the verses, you see that Joseph was called to Bethlehem for a reason. Mary and Joseph might not have known what that reason was. All they were focused on was getting Mary in a hotel, or at least somewhere indoors so she could give birth. They thought they had nowhere to go, but God knew what he had in store for them. God didn’t want Jesus to be born in a worldly place; He wanted him to be born somewhere pure and humble because that’s who He created Jesus to be.

When you look at things from Gods eyes, you begin to see that an inconvenience will work out for God’s plan even if it’s not your plan. It’s like Jeremiah 29:11 – God doesn’t do things to harm you but to give you hope and a future. One time my mom was going to Atlanta for the day and she was running late. When she was finally on her way there were four wrecks. It’s crazy to think that if she would have left on time, she could have been in one of those wrecks. Since then, I trust God with His timing and His plans. He can use a slight inconvenience for His glory. I know what He is doing is far better than what I’m doing.

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