Day 20 | Lauren Sullivan

In today’s society, groups are usually unavoidable. Generally labeled as “cliques”, almost everywhere you go you see them. These groups are usually labeled with names as the devotional says like “cool”, “nerdy”, or “weird”.  I’m not going to lie, I have labeled people and have been labeled. Let’s be real, we have all done it.

Even people in the Bible had labels. Luke 2:8-14 says that an Angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds keeping watch in a field. The shepherds were outcasts and didn’t really fit in. They were labeled as unworthy and unfit to be in most social circles, so they spent all of their time in the fields. People thought they were unclean and put them at the bottom of the social ladder. It’s so cool how the Lord uses people that the world sets aside for His glory. The first people to hear about the birth of our SAVIOR (whoa!) were said to be the lowest of society. The Lord picked the shepherds to hear the news of His glorious Son. If that doesn’t bring you joy, I don’t know what will!

The King of all Kings will use you for His glory no matter what your label is. He doesn’t care who your friends are, or whether or not you sit at the “cool” table. This devotional showed me that it doesn’t matter what the world’s view of me is. As long as I’m living for Christ, the Lord will use me to do great things.

So how does this apply to us? Just because someone has a certain label or social standing, in no way means that they are of lesser or diminished value than someone else. We are called to love and love unconditionally, so never look down on someone because of their “label”. God can use them in extraordinary ways for His amazing purpose!

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