Day 21 | Ben Garner

A big thing that I can take away from this devotion is that I can have confidence in what the Lord can do through someone. Most of the times, we do not do what God wants us to do because we are scared of the result. Whether it is the fear of rejection, embarrassment, or if you’re like me, the fear of messing up or not knowing what to say. This devotion gives me a tremendous amount of encouragement – what if the shepherds didn’t trust God about Jesus’ birth and decided not to go?

In verse 17 and 18, it says that after they saw the baby, “they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed.” The shepherds who went to see Jesus ended up spreading the Gospel to people who had never heard it or didn’t believe in it. Therefore, if they wouldn’t have gone like God told them to, these random people would of never heard about the Gospel.

This is just another example of what God can do through us – all we have to do is listen to His plan and go at it with all our heart.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Personally, I always get nervous that I will mess up, so I talk myself out of spreading God’s Word. I love this devotion because God shows us that no matter what, it is in His hands and it will work out perfectly how He wants it to.
  2. Spread the Word at any chance you get. Just by responding to someone and throwing Christ in there somehow could spark curiosity into that person. Who knows? They might ask you about it later…there’s an open door for you to share the Gospel with them.

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