Day 22 | Catrina Clement

Wow. God is so good. He cares and adores us so much, even when we mess up and sin time after time. He is worthy of our love and our lives. God is faithful to us through any and everything, and we should be the same back to him. But we all fall short of him. Luke 2:6-7 made me look at Jesus as one of us. Revelation 19:11-16 made me open my eyes and go “wow, our King of Kings, our Lord of Lords, the one who cares for us, did this!” You can go through your day living for yourself, doing what you think’s right or best for you, whatever makes you happy, etc. Or you can go through your day living for Jesus, who knows what’s better for us. We can be the helpless, selfish people in the world, or we can be the strong and faithful people that Jesus wants us to be.

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