Day 25 | Molly Thomas

Worship isn’t just praise music and singing. Although I love worshipping through songs, the Lord gives us so many different circumstances where we can worship Him. Anytime we are with Jesus we can worship Him. Here’s a hint: anytime we are with Jesus = all the time! We can worship Him through prayer, acknowledgement, and thanksgiving. We can worship Him with our spare time as well. Instead of spending that extra 30 minutes on your phone, or watching TV, spend it worshipping Him!

My favorite verse is 11. I like it not only because it talks about the wise men worshipping Jesus, but also because it mentions how they worshipped Him. They didn’t care about their present appearance or how people would view them if they “had it all together”. They simply sat and worshipped him. I think we get so caught up in making ourselves look good, caring about what other people think. The truth is, we don’t have to look good to worship Him. This verse has taught me that I don’t have to have my life all together in order to bring glory to Him. Knowing that truth brings so much joy!

Today, let’s walk in the joy and freedom of having the ability to worship Him no matter our present circumstance or appearance!

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