Day 26 | Henry Snead

When I read today’s devotion on dependability it resonated with me immediately. Dependability is a quality that I strive to possess. This devo made a good point that the best of us are most likely pretty dependable and I completely agree with that. It’s so important to be a reliable friend, son or student – what really matters is whether or not we are reliable to God. Luke 2:22-33 distinguished that for me. In order to be a reliable person to our friends and family, we first need to have consistency in our relationship with God. To solve any problem you need to find its source and start there. It may be hard to realize, but I’ve learned that every tiny thing in our life that seems insignificant directly relates to our spiritual relationship with God. That applies to being a reliable person.

How can I be a reliable person to everyone in my life if I can’t even sit down and spend time with God everyday? As a person who struggles with having integrity and being a dependable person, this devotion really inspired me and helped me understand where I can start to fix the problem. And it all falls back to God and His ever-forgiving mercy.

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