Day 27 | Katherine Dudley

This devotion talks a lot about the word “expectant”. When I was thinking about what that means in my life, I realized that I expect a lot out of myself and other people. When things don’t turn out like I expect, I get very anxious and a lot of times, lose hope. That’s the same way many of the Israelites felt. They longed for God to show back up and for Israel to no longer be isolated. Malachi didn’t know how or when God was going to do it, but he knew God would keep His promise. That promise became true when Jesus was born!

Verse 2 says “but for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings“. That verse stood out to me because if you respect God and trust Him, you will be overjoyed with His love! This devotion has taught me that things may not always turn out like we expect, but God has a bigger plan in mind and a purpose for everything!

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