Day 28 | Matt Strozier

After reading this devotion, I was reminded of the miracle of God becoming unexpectedly real to His people. So real, in fact, that lowly humans like us could physically relate to Him. This one concept should blow our minds every day we wake up. Something this amazing should never lose its meaning!

The part of Zechariah 9:9 that says, “having salvation is he, humble and riding on a donkey,” is what stands out to me. Being humble and having salvation may seem like a contradiction to this world. This proves that only God can have both of these traits. Imagine what the people in Zechariah’s time would think after hearing such a prophecy. Would they have been filled with hope, or laugh in disbelief? We as Christians should thank God Almighty for becoming so unbelievably real!

Although Jesus has ascended from this Earth, He is closer than ever before. Like He has become real to us as Christians, we need to make Jesus real to those who don’t yet know Him. We are called to resemble Christ in how we speak, live and treat others around us. Jesus Christ is real, what an incredible message!

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