Alaska Day 3 Recap (Monday)


Today was another EPIC day in Alaska. We began the day with another legendary meal from our main man and chef extraordinaire Bubba. Truly the spiritual gift of full stomachs has been placed directly on our chef Bubba. We then spent a time of worship together and received an intensely challenging message from Tim the senior pastor of Catalyst Church a local church near Anchorage. His challenge was simple. Have faith in the power of Christ working through you and then be bold to obey Christ as He leads. And I can confidently say our team completed this challenge today.

The students killed it in VBS at Grandview Baptist Church. Playing games, singing and dancing to the (pretty intense) worship songs in the opening and closing rallies all the way to so clearly teaching God’s Word in the bible story time, VBS day one was a success. The other part of our team got a unique opportunity to engage with teenagers and kids at the local Boys and Girls Club. The students did a great job taking regular conversations and regular activities like playing basketball and air hockey and shaping them into a meaningful conversations about Jesus.

We closed the day with another great meal and one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen in a local park. And in spite of the fact the whole team INCLUDING DAN pinned me and Taymac down on the playground with a barrage of snowballs, it was a great end to a great day.

Tomorrow we begin our morning service projects along with continuing VBS and Boys and Girls Club activities and we can’t wait to see how God moves in this team.


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