Alaska Day 6 Recap (Thursday)

Today was our last full day partnering with Grace Works in Alaska…we have a full travel day ahead of us on Friday! (and part of Saturday…)

With today being our last day at VBS at Grand View Baptist Church and our last day working at the Boys and Girls Club, we stayed busy! 2/3 of our teams helped host a carnival in the gym of Boys and Girls Club. We had everything from face painting, a cake walk, a bouncy house, fishing, ring toss, finger nail painting, corn hole and fun music playing!! It was a joy to help Grace Works host this carnival which has become an annual event that the B&G Club adore and anticipate.

Today’s lesson at VBS was centered around John 3:16. Sherrie just told me that it moved her to tears hearing the children recite John 3:16 out loud, and seeing them begin to recognize what that verse means! We are thankful that these past four days partnering with Christina + Grand View has helped launch them into connecting with new faces in their community in Anchorage. By the way…the theme of VBS this year is “Game On” and the songs/motions that go with VBS are so much fun! Can’t wait for FBCO kids to experience it this summer. 🙂 It’s cool how the high school students on this trip have already memorized these songs and will eventually lead VBS once again for FBCO children this summer through in a few months.

We just wrapped up our last team time of the week with the sweetest and most vulnerable time of sharing. All 30 team members shared a little bit of what God has done in their lives this week and I am just amazed at how God is not only a personal God but such an intentional God! Hearing our students and adults share about how they have felt empowered to share the Gospel, challenged by the darkness of the people in Alaska, encouraged by the Christ-centered community of this team of 30 and inspired to go home and lead well just made me so thankful. We serve a God who knows us, loves us and pours out his grace among us daily.

It has been a huge blessing partnering with Grace Works this week.

Ways to pray —
– Travel safety tomorrow (essentially starting our travel around 5:00pm Central on Friday and getting back to FBCO on Saturday)
– That students will continue to pursue the Lord despite the every day distractions that come with being at home
– That students can make an impact in Auburn and Opelika just like they have in Anchorage
– For community to build amongst FBCO students (I can’t wait to come back and for the rest of the Student Ministry to see the leadership amongst these 30 students … especially our seniors!)

Thank you to each of you who have kept up with our blog, prayed diligently for our team, and supported these students financially to have this opportunity to serve God in a different context. The beauty of Alaska is a small but incredible reflection of the glory of our Creator!

– Taylor


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