ATL Day 4!

Today was another incredible day in Atlanta! We began with chicken biscuits again! But there have been no complaints about multiple days of Chick-fil-A.

This morning Tim and Ashley taught the students about the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. It was eye-opening to many the similarities between the three. It was interesting learning how little deviances from the truth we know to be found in God’s word can fundamentally change what someone believes. We learned practical ways to share with classmates and friends who are Muslim and Jewish.

We then got to head to our ministry sites again! This was what the students look forward to the most. The common occurrence has been tons and tons of kids at our sites which is so encouraging! Today our bible story was Doubting Thomas. A few teams used a skit to show the story in an exciting way that reached the kids really well. We had another block party tonight that went smoothly and was a ton of fun. We even had a kid accept Christ because of the singing of our choir and worship through song. What a beautiful reminder that the Lord 100% works mightily through worship when his people sing his praises. The last day of going to our ministry sites is bittersweet as we have to say goodbye to all the sweet kids we’ve gotten to know and love.

Everyone is tired but so enthusiastic to keep going and knows that our exhaustion is for the sake of the Gospel and serving these communities. We are so thankful for your support and prayer for this trip and for everything that has gone into it!

Keep on praying!

– Jimbo Aldridge

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