Miami- Day 2

We did it. We survived day 2 of Miami and it’s safe to say for everyone that we are so excited to see how God is going to work through this week with the students and the members of the local community.

We have found ourselves in a place in which God is the exception, not the standard like it is in Opelika. Please continue to pray that God makes Himself known in this place that so desperately longs for His love, even if they don’t see it.

If you wish to write our students encouragement notes, you can visit or follow this link here.

Here is the recap video for day 2, enjoy and keep us in your prayers!

Miami- Day 1

After months of planning, we’re finally here!!

It only took getting up before the crack of dawn, about 20 adults coordinating us, more sugar than grains of sand in the Mojave desert, probably a ton of Chick-fil-a and 12 hours on a bus!

Needless to say after more sitting than most of us do in a normal day of school, we’ve made it to Miami without a hitch!!


*^^^approximate comfort levels*

Thank you parents for allowing these awesome students to come with us. We are going to keep all of you updated this week through the blog here.

The students also receive notes of encouragement each night from loving people like you! If you want to send them some love, go to or click this link.

Here’s the Day 1 recap video, make sure to come back here every day to see the highlights and things we are doing.

fireside chats ft. Justin McClary

Alright alright, settle down people. You can stop flooding me with the relentless texts, emails, smoke signals and other mediums of communication–FIRESIDE CHAT IS HERRRRREEEEEEEE.


This week we get to hear from Justin McClary, who is actually a certifiable rock star (here’s proof).

rockstar copy

1. Tell me about something that made you laugh this week.

The thing that made me laugh the most was Tay attempting to explain rap and “turning up” to my 66 year old dad.


2. If you worked for a circus, what do you think your job would be?

If I were in a circus I’d probably be a trapeze artist or or the guy who gets shot out of a cannon. Those just seem like lots of fun.


6. If you woke up tomorrow and it was snowing (you never know), what would you do during your snow day?

I would wake up, see it was snowing, go back to sleep and watch Netflix all day.


7. What is the weirdest/strangest thing you have ever eaten?

The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is probably chicken livers…. I’m not super adventurous when it comes to food.


*^^ this has nothing to do with anything lol*

8. What is something that God has placed on your heart to tell others recently?

Something God has placed on my heart is to always see the bright side of things. Whenever you’re going through something tough and whatever it is, sometimes the only way to get through is seeing the bright side.

BONUS: Okay, so we all know that Taymac is the best jokemaster in the land, but what is your favorite/best joke???​​​

What is the slipperiest country in the world??

(long scroll for answer)










And with that, I think I’ll close up shop for this week’s fireside chat. Sorry it was late for all of those people who patiently wait by their computers for the next post 🙂