all to Him i owe

Picture the worst day ever:¬†You miss your alarm, forget to put on earrings (girl stuff blech), get pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign, forget your homework, accidentally insult your friend, get kicked off the track team for having not awesome grades, mom took your tablet away so you can’t play Clash of Clans, then she makes your least favorite meal ever for supper… Sounds pretty rough right?

Let me just tell you– that is nothing compared to Jesus’ day He had on Good Friday. Read More

no rest for the wicked

If you’ve been following along, Jesus has had a very tiring two days. They were marked with huge crowds, lots of speaking and a bunch of opposition from religious leaders (If you haven’t been following, here is Monday and Tuesday’s posts).

Remember, while Jesus is the Son of God, He is also a man and because of all He has done, he’s tired. It is widely believed that on this day Jesus rested in preparation for the Passover that was to come.

While Jesus rested for all that was coming, we see another plot line emerge in this story– Judas. Read More

challenge accepted

Jesus wasn’t a super popular guy to most Romans while He was alive. In fact, most of the authority in the time when Jesus was alive wanted Him dead (which is why it eventually happened wink wink).

On the Tuesday of Holy Week, Jesus is teaching in the temple to a crowd of people. While this is happening¬†the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and the elders came up to him… that seems to be a bunch of authority right there. Here’s what they said: Read More

bold is the new black

Every day I see sin and I see selfishness and I see a perversion of what God has called us to do here… and I’m just talking about myself.

I mean, we’re pretty good Christians right? Go to church, hang out on Wednesday nights, read some cool Christian blog posts (thanks for reading by the way), maybe even say some prayers… but we have fallen to sin, and we continue to fall every day.

The point is that try as we may, we are sinful beings and we will continue to sin until the day we die, and that kinda stinks when you think about it. Read More