Miami – Day 3

Another day has been completed and all I can think of is how incredible God is. Among all of the passing out of donuts, giving water bottles to strangers, picking up trash and simply showing the love of God to the locals, God made Himself so known to us and we marveled at that incredible fact.

The consensus on the highlight however would be when we were able to perform for a homeless mission in downtown Miami. The energy was so clearly evident as people literally stood on their feet to proclaim the name of Jesus!

It was beautiful and the kids were so telling in their actions showing the love of Christ.

We are almost halfway over with this trip and the kids are starting to feel the slump of no sleep and Miami heat. If you want to send them more letters of encouragement, visit

Miami- Day 1

After months of planning, we’re finally here!!

It only took getting up before the crack of dawn, about 20 adults coordinating us, more sugar than grains of sand in the Mojave desert, probably a ton of Chick-fil-a and 12 hours on a bus!

Needless to say after more sitting than most of us do in a normal day of school, we’ve made it to Miami without a hitch!!


*^^^approximate comfort levels*

Thank you parents for allowing these awesome students to come with us. We are going to keep all of you updated this week through the blog here.

The students also receive notes of encouragement each night from loving people like you! If you want to send them some love, go to or click this link.

Here’s the Day 1 recap video, make sure to come back here every day to see the highlights and things we are doing.