NOLA Day 4

We had great weather for Wednesday–no more rain! We had successful days of VBS again today. One group installed a basketball goal in order to build relationships with more of the local children and one of those children accepted Christ! It was such an encouragement to our whole group and so life giving to see this little boy joyfully receive salvation!

In the afternoon we went back to Jackson Square for another concert and met some more kind and encouraging people downtown. We spent some time in the French Quarter and had some beignets at Cafe du Monde and other restaurants in the area. We returned to NOBTS for dinner, group time, and swim time: another awesome day!



NOLA Day 3

We encountered a lot of rain on Tuesday but the Lord was so good to provide ways that we could work in spite of it! Most went to our VBS sites again, and some even spent the morning serving by cleaning up a local church. After lunch we went to Jackson Square and performed our acoustic concert. Many people passed through (including Napoleon Dynamite) and stopped to listen, take pictures and videos, and find out who we are and why we are here. Praise God for the opportunity to use worship to spread the Gospel in the heart of New Orleans! 
When we returned to NOBTS we had an evening of worship, community, and Bible study. Please pray for many people to come to our VBS locations and for more opportunities to talk to people in Jackson Square on Wednesday about the reason our students would stand in the hot sun and sing in the middle of the city: Jesus!


NOLA Day 2

Monday we got the full New Orleans experience: crawfish boil, beignets, the works! We went out to six different sites and put on VBS for kids around the community. We ended the day with some worship during group time, ready to take on Tuesday and see what the Lord is going to do!

Please pray for good weather, good attitudes for our students, authentic worship during our concerts, and that people in NOLA would want to know what we are here for and that they would see the love of the Father in the love that we share.


NOLA Day 1

We made it! Our team has arrived in NOLA and we are full of anticipation and excitement for the week ahead!
Sunday morning we gathered in the sanctuary and were commissioned with prayer in the 8:00am worship service at FBCO…such a special time seeing generations pray over our students and leaders. Despite the city wide power outage, having our church family pray for us and with us was a powerful moment for our students.

After a full day of travel, we were able to unload and get settled in the (tiny) dorm rooms at New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary. We had an opening session of worship after dinner, and our campus pastor, Brandon, challenged us with Colossians 1 – reminding us how alive the Gospel is.

Even though the forecast calls for 80% chance of rain on Monday, we are prepared to be flexible and have good attitudes no matter what the weather is!

Stay tuned for daily recap videos and blog posts throughout this week. Don’t forget to send a team member a note of encouragement through Getting mail is always a highlight for students. (Feel free to send more than one!!)