checklist christianity

It’s easy to get caCheck mark in boxught up in Checklist Christianity. What do I mean by that? We make a list of do’s & don’ts:

Do: pray, read the bible, go to church, love people.

Don’t: cuss, gossip, lust.

Is it good to pray? Yep.

Is is bad to gossip? Sure is.

But there is a lot more to it than that. It’s about our heart. Read More

that dress tho

the dressWho all has seen this?

Of course, since I’m assuming you came here from a social media link, you saw a couple days ago the Internet collectively lose it’s mind over this one simple picture.

So let me ask you… what color is this dress? Some people will see white and gold, others see blue and black, but why and what does it mean? Read More

why the hurry up doesn’t work

Wake up. Check time.Check FB. Take shower. Change clothes. Have class. Post Insta. Eat food. See friends. Leave school. Have practice. More practice. Eat food. Watch TV. Check Twitter. Call friends. Get tired. Lay down. Check Twitter. Set alarm. Done.


That’s about the most abbreviated of a day that I could do, but it sounded exhausting right? Read More