being sick is the worst– heres the cure

I was sick recently and a thought kept popping up in my head. #relatablemoment

“God, if you could just make me better I will definitely pray/read/go to church more.”

Have you had this thought? Deep in the middle of the flu you pray that God will take this awful feeling and sore body away from you?


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praise Him

“Father Abraham had many sons. Many sons had father Abraham.”

I grew up in elementary school singing this song and never understanding what it was talking about.  I understood that Abraham was a great guy in the Bible and I understood that he was the “father of many nations” and that probably meant that he had a good many family members.  One of the only reasons I knew that was because the songs said so.  But that was about the extent of my elementary knowledge.  But as I was singing, I was unknowingly telling about a great story of faith and trust.  A story that shows us the power of God and the power of our faith in God. Read More

if youre ready come and get it

taxiheard it once like this. It’s a busy day on the streets of New York. You have just walked out of a meeting late and now it’s put you behind for the rest of your day. You hail a taxi and get in, the driver sees you are clearly flustered yet he blasts the most annoying music that has ever entered your now turning red ears (probably some Miley or something wink wink). He turns down the wrong street then begins to hack at you with verbal insults and at that point you’ve had enough… you hit him. This enrages the driver and he kicks you out. You have been punished for your sin. Read More