being sick is the worst– heres the cure

I was sick recently and a thought kept popping up in my head. #relatablemoment

“God, if you could just make me better I will definitely pray/read/go to church more.”

Have you had this thought? Deep in the middle of the flu you pray that God will take this awful feeling and sore body away from you?


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the new #tct Teen Choice Tuesday is going to look a little different this semester. Instead of having you, the teens, write on the blog every week, we will be distributing some polls tomorrow night before worship begins. These will be used to gauge, what you the student cares about and struggles with. My hope is that the blog can be another place where you can come to be filled with God's Holy Spirit through encouraging words and truth. If these truths can be more applicable to your life, then all the better! So be expecting some polls tomorrow in your seats and also be expecting a new weekly series coming soon! SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO HYYAHHHHHHHH --TK