Alaska Day 4 Recap (Tuesday)

IMG_4244Tuesday was another full and productive day of ministry for our team. We began the day in three separate groups: one group worked at a homeless shelter; one group helped work on logistics for future mission teams with a partner church; and one group went mushing dog sleds.

The team working at the homeless shelter cleaned showers, bathrooms, and helped sort and fold clothes for giveaway. We also had a team outside (30 degrees) serving hot coffee and pastries to men and women who were waiting to get inside the shelter. This opened up the door for several meaningful conversations about why we are here and the hope we have in Jesus.

The team working with the partner church helped to organize and restock a trailer that will be used for mission teams that will be serving in Anchorage in the coming weeks. They also helped clean up the church and shovel snow. We are all much more experienced with snow than ever before!

The team mushing dog sleds had a ton of fun this morning. What a once in a lifetime experience! We will be rotating our mornings so that each team will have a chance to enjoy this unique opportunity.

This afternoon we had 2/3 of our group leading Vacation Bible School, and the other 1/3 at the Boys and Girls Club. Our students are doing such a good job of engaging children and teenagers with the love of Jesus. This group has been a joy to serve alongside. It’s been so encouraging to see them love others well and be the hands and feet of Jesus! Several students shared their testimony with kids today and spent time walking through scripture to explain the saving power of Jesus.

Tonight we had an “Ephesians 4:29” session where we all spoke truth into the lives of one another. It was an honest time of community and worship as we built up the body of Christ through encouraging one another with words of affirmation. It was truly a special night that no one on this team will soon forget.


Please pray for:

  • Wednesday as we are sharing the Gospel at VBS with the children.
  • Our teams in the morning as they serve in the community. That we would continue to have Gospel centered conversations.
  • Continued safety & health for our team.
  • Continued unity and patience with one another.


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